Welcome to Terra Kotta Farms!


In a turbulently changing time where so many terms (organic, pesticide free, GMO, pastured, freerange, gluten free etc) can seem, and be, so overwhelming, Terra Kotta Farms fills that gap of uncertainty of foods and their classifications.  We believe in AND practice sustainable farming, the way nature intended. Our mission is to ensure that you fully understand what sustainable farming is and how your health is directly impacted by your food choices through both new and renewed understanding and education. 

In addition to teaching the importance of sustainable farming, Terra Kotta also instructs others how to grow organic gardens in their yard, as well as, homesteading through classes and seminars. Our farm depends heavily on collected rainwater that we use on a daily basis.This is the purest supply of water and provides optimum results in plant and animal health.We also provide rainwater collection education and training for residents, other farms and businesses.

We're so thankful you've found us and hope you will enjoy learning about what we do. Located in Leesville, South Carolina, we practice sustainable farming methods including NO use of chemicals or pesticides. We only utilize non-GMO seeds in our planting. Our egg laying hens are free ranging and our pasture raised poultry is never administered hormones or antibiotics.

Our Mission

We believe in going back to the grassroots of farming, the way nature intended. Our goal is to provide locally grown, healthy organic food to our home state of South Carolina, but we do so much more.

We teach others the importance of sustainable farming and how to grow an organic garden in their yard, as well as, homesteading classes.  Our farm also provides rainwater collectionoptions for residents, other farms and some businesses. This is just the beginning of our life's journey.

We welcome a visit to the farm. Give us a call 803.580.9642 to plan your visit and/or check out our Weekly Basket Menu because this will definitely make you fall in love with Terra Kotta Farms.